pay per click ppc services in delhi india

Pay Per Click Services (PPC)

The effective way to attract prequalified customers to your business, one click at a time!

Advantage of PPC Marketing

  • Reach relevant traffic looking for related services instantly
  • Get Immediate Results
  • Target specific geographical locations with ease
  • All devices could be targeted separately
  • If managed well, high ROI is guaranteed
  • No money slab for investment
  • Capable of running campaigns that are language specific
  • Manage online reputation by displaying Ads over organic search results

We Provide a Broad Range of PPC Advertising Services


With our PPC Consultation, we try to understand the exclusive needs of your business to develop an effective & result-oriented PPC strategy.


We research & outline the potential keywords that are more effective for your business & could be targeted for lower cost.

Landing Page

The clicks on a paid Ad will get you traffic, but it's your website that will make the visitors convert.


Based on the developed PPC strategy, our experts integrate new or modify the existing campaigns.


CRO impacts your PPC efforts directly! Our experts create multiple landing pages & keep testing to find out what is converting the most.


Visitor Retargeting helps you to retarget the visitors that are familiar with your brand and have shown interest in the past.

Social Media

Our PPC services help you generate traffic easily by advertising your Ad on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


Our experts do a quarterly analysis of your campaign to make sure that the expected results are being achieved.


We not just review the effectiveness, but also let our clients know the actual return they are receiving after spending on our PPC campaign.

PPC Services That Ensure You Get More From Your Marketing Budget

Search Ads

Promote Your Businesses on Google, Bing & Yahoo through Search Ads to generate more traffic and sales

Display Ads

Get relevant Traffic to your website through Google Display Ads

Retargeting Ads

Bring back to your visitors who did not take appropriate action to hits the Goal


Promote Your E-commerce business through Product listing ads to generate more sales

Mobile Ads

Target Your audience on Mobile with interests and demographics


Stop Focusing Email Marketing Reach to the Competitor Data Base Directly Through Google Sponsor Promotion.

Social Ads

Promote your Brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Youtube Ads

True View Video ads are an exciting and interactive way to engage your customers on YouTube and across the web

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